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I never heard of a horse losing weight while shedding a winter coat. Very interesting.

mrs mom

Senior horses are some of my absolute favorites. My gelding who lived to be 40 would have weight issues at times, and I found a daily "weight probe" was needed at times. When we hit extremes in the weather, he could go down and FAST. Luckily he would come back up fast too.

I am with MiKael- never thought about or heard of one loosing weight while shedding. Thats pretty interesting! Have to keep that in mind.

Thx for the insight!

Tonya Ouellette

Thanks for your comments guys. We spent quite a bit of money on blood work, his dietary needs were WELL taken care of, the ONLY thing we could link his weight loss to was that he loses his weight every year at this same time. When we started clipping him early in the spring just before he started to shed he would not drop the weight, we took this a step further and chose to not clip him this year just to see if his weight loss would come back as it has every year weve not clipped him and sure enough! he's dropping weight, his labs are fine ... his teeth are fine.

It has to be linked somehow.


That is interesting info. We recently aquired a 20 year old pony who was a broodmare. She is now being very spoiled by my 7 year old daughter. She has even won ribbons in shows this season! She is great. in the past few weeks I noticed a strange spot on her eye ball. It is below the color part-she has blue eyes. It looks like a pencil tip size flesh color something. I have the Vet coming out monday-but wondering if anyone has encountered this? Thanks-we are fairly new to actually owning our own horse eventhough I grew up riding. Thanks for any info.

Acai Berry Pure

Wonderful post... Very informational and educational as usual!

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My 24 year old Standardbred mare is starting to show her age. Her ribs are showing, her hip bone is sticking out and her vertebrae's showing on her high withers. I have been feeding her Senior pellets daily and wormed her about 2 weeks ago. I'd like her to have some weight on her before the winter because she usually loses a bunch during winter. What should I do?

polo equipement

nice senior horse! you can add a little bit of "Red Cell" Vitamin to her grain. Best wishes

Acai Berry Optimum

I've been one of your major follower this year... your brilliant and educative post really beats my imaginations each time drop by to read blogs... i say keep the good work

Russell Hart

Many thanks for a very sensitive and informative post. Until recently I had a very special horse, a Percheron/Thoroughbred cross. I never knew his exact age, but I do know that he was well into his 20s.
He was kept fit and active through regular trail rides and the company of a very fit Thoroughbred. But from
time to time he did show that he was aging; like slowly walking to the very far corner of the paddock when he
didn't really want to go out riding and he saw me coming carrying head tack behind my back! He was an absolute
delight and I cried for hours when he had to be put down due to a very severe colic.
Your posts are great therapy for me to read and bring back many memories. Thank you.

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